Woman defecated on ex’s doorstep because he drank wine from a tumbler


A woman is facing a possible jail sentence after lashing out at her ex-boyfriend when she tried to rekindle their relationship.

Deka Ahmed, 41, turned up at the home of Silvestrs Rullis, 28, during lockdown on April 15 and messaged him saying ‘Surprise! I’m downstairs and I’ve got a bottle of wine.’

However, when he poured it into tumblers, rather than wine glasses, she flew into a rage and threw it at him. He dodged out of the way and it smashed into a cabinet. Ahmed then slapped him around the face 10 times and hit his housemate Raivis Melders with a belt before they were able to bundle her out of the house.

That was when she dropped her knickers and defecated on the doorstep of his home in south Kensington. The couple had been in a relationship since 2018, but as a result of previous trouble Mr Rullis was banned from seeing Ahmed.

He appeared in court via video link as he is currently in custody on various charges, including stealing the doorbell from Ahmed’s home. Ahmed said that on the day she attacked him with the tumbler she was at his house to retrieve the doorbell and he had invited her in for wine.

However, District Judge Alex Jacobs at Westminster Magistrates’ Court rejected her version of events and convicted her of criminal damage and two counts of assault by beating.

Prosecutor Julie Idowu said: ‘The defendant became upset by the complainant drinking wine from a water glass rather than a wine glass.

‘Her previous convictions make it apparent that when she is in drink she resorts to violence including using glasses and throwing them towards the complainant.’

Mr Rullis said: ‘She was drinking too much and when she drinks too much she is very aggressive and angry over little things.

‘She texted me saying: “Surprise! I’m downstairs and I’ve got a bottle of wine.” She had six or seven glasses of whiskey and I had two or three. She slapped me eight to 10 times in the face.

‘She said: “I can do anything any time because I’m the woman and there won’t be any bruises on your face”.’

‘She wanted to have physical contact again. My flatmate gets home. She doesn’t like my flatmate so I asked her nicely to go to my bedroom and talked for a little while with her then I went back to talk to my flatmate.

‘She was aggressive, rude, disrespectful. I went back to the bedroom and realised she’s using my phone. I saw Facebook was open and Instagram and she added nasty texts to my Facebook which I deleted straight away.

‘She got super aggressive and started fighting my flatmate, trying to kick him, and then I realised this is out of control and we have to call the police.

‘Somehow he managed for her to be outside the door then she started being really loud outside the door, it was super loud.

‘Afterwards she was outside banging the door. Suddenly it was silent he was standing inside and looking at what was going on outside. He said she was urinating and sh***ing outside my front main door.’

‘I saw from the third floor window that she was slapping him with a belt and she was trying to take his bicycle out and he was trying to take it indoors.

‘Six police officers arrived and tried to pin her down.’

She will be sentenced at crown court at a later date.