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The Uppababy Cruz Stroller has proven its worthiness when convenience, efficiency and durability features were concerned; well it better be as I spend $459.99 in purchasing it at Amazon. As a matter of fact I don’t have any complaints so far, as my Cruz was newly purchased. I have been using the Cruz for almost two months now and my daughter is now almost five months old.

I’m so glad it has the easy fold to a compact design about it and quite easy to carry to and fro the house and the car; I don’t have to wait for my husband all day to do just that! Which is by the way a great plus for me as I don’t have a big built of a body structure, I give the highest merits to the creator of the Cruz.

However, I would really like the Cruz even better if the adjustable handlebar doesn’t get stuck from time to time. But such issues are easily turned a blind eye into; as the Uppababy Cruz Stroller has a lot more good qualities to offer the consumers that cannot be deterred by a simple handlebar adjustment getting stocked! I know that for a fact, as I am more than willing in living with mine!

Uppababy Cruz Images

Furthermore, the Uppababy Cruz Stroller has this five reclining positions that I really love about it! Making me forget the adjustable handlebar incident! This unique feature of the Cruz helps me feed my kid with his baby formula in a feeding bottle; all I have to do is adjust the backseat into its upper utmost upright position. This is the best way to prevent her from choking on his milk! And here it is the best part of the reclining seat; it can be adjusted to recline all the way into a flat position, allowing her to sleep comfortably! The Cruz is really awesome, I know because I am enjoying its functional abilities immensely!

I can maneuver the sturdy wheels of the Uppababy Cruz Stroller easily even with one hand busy texting my husband asking him what he wants me to pick up from the grocery store. Although sometimes the foot brakes drive me crazy, but like I said the small glitches on the Cruz’ functional features can easily be set aside. Just like the how comfortable my daughter is cuddled at the soft yet reliable not to break easily material of the canvass that has been used. And what keeps me loving the stroller is the attractiveness of the color that doesn’t fade easily. I have seen a lot of the Uppababy Cruz Stroller while I frequently take trips to the mall for our grocery needs; the moms there are now past the “hi and hello” stages.

I especially chose the red color or the Denny, I just love bright colors! And I knew I will be able to enjoy the Uppababy Cruz Stroller usage for a little bit longer as it can handle a little weight not plausible in other type of strollers! To sum it all up, it will be needless to say that I am a goner when the Uppababy Cruz Stroller is concerned!